Eating to be happy or miserable

Most of us are really excited about food. We love eating out and going to dinner parties. Food makes us happy, exited and elevated. Just thinking about our favorite dishes brings taste to our mouths and makes us salivate. However, if only we could eat the right amount and the right kind to nourish our bodies rather than slowly destroy them. The sad thing is that we know what is good for us and what is harmful but we are locked in habitual eating, which we gained in early childhood.

Most of the time we lie to ourselves and pretend that the food soaked in sugar and saturated fat won’t cause any harm. Most of the time we don’t feel very well after eating too much heavy, condensed food but somehow we prefer to suffer than give up the unhealthy snacks or fry-ups. Very often we eat for comfort rather than for cure. We can be very cunning in finding excuses to eat the unhealthiest foods in the most inappropriate times and places.

The first thing to discover the truth about our eating habits is to keep a diary. Simply at the end of the day sit down and note everything you have eaten. Don’t just stop at listing the kind of foods you have consumed but also write in what circumstances you have consumed them. Were you happy or sad? Were you nervous or irritated and angry? Did you have a sit down meal or ate on the go in a rush? However the most important question is, did you pay attention to what you were eating? It is very important to connect to the food you consume and I will be writing about this in my future article.

Most of the time we feel guilty about what we have consumed and complain about our looks but the mirror never lies and that one donut a day eaten on regular basis will show up in extra inches on our waist.

Recent research states that 67% of our daily food intake constitutes of : cakes 11.46%’
bread and by-products 10.61%, chips and crisps 8.51%, meat 8.42%, cheese 5.85%, oil and margarine 5.17%, butter and animal fat 4.87%, cooked meats 4.53%, meat-based foods 3.87%, pasta, rice and flour 3.78%. Source: study by Fleurbaix Laventie Ville Santé.

The daily intake of our food should contain raw fruit and vegetables to maintain healthy and balanced body.

happy eating



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