Soup base
1pt of water
1 big handful of curly kale or other dark greens
1 tlbs miso – if you don’t have one just add best sea salt available
2 tlbs flax meal
1tbsp coconut oil – optional
salt and cayenne or black pepper or 1tsp of green or red thai curry paste – optional – you can buy a ready made base at any supermarket

Mixed vegetables of choice
2 celery sticks chopped
½ onion
4-5 mushrooms – shitake preferably
other raw chopped vegetable like asparagus or baby corn

1 Avocado

Boil the water and blanched the mixing vegetables for 1-2 minutes, drain and set aside in another pan. Pour the water over the soup base in the blender and mix it well until smooth. Pour the blended soup over the blanched vegetables and mix well. Add chopped avocado and splash of sesame oil for taste. Mix again and enjoy.


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