Living on prana-preparation

Over the summer I became more and more aware that we don’t need to eat that much food to be healthy and full of energy. On coming home and settling down to start another year (I count years from September to September) I decided to reduce my meals to only one a day. Being mostly raw and eating mainly fruit and vegetables this should be easy. Although I used to eat a lot of vegetables I always felt that I was eating more than required and this was down to pure greed and pleasure.
I decided to start another chapter in my own development and will experiment with eating less over the winter. I’m aware that this will be a challenge as I work all day long indoors and dealing with lots of people, so I need to be extra aware to sustain my energy and be as calm and in balance as possible. It is so much easier to fast or eat less when I’m at home as I’m surrounded by nature and meditate a lot. However during the week being in a busy environment it’s a big challenge to keep the energy levels full.

Today is a Sunday and after a glass of water with lemon and MSM powder I made some hemp milk and had an organic coffee with it. It was delicious.
I spent the morning reading outdoors and as I was sitting under the apple tree, I had some apples ☺.
In the afternoon I worked in the garden and around 5pm I boiled some broad beans with garlic and eat a small bowl of them.
For the rest of the day I sipped some green tea and had a hot bath in the evening before meditating staring at the candle flame and going to sleep. I will try to have a hot/warm bath every night and finish the day with this meditation. I have noticed that this helps me to become lucid and be ore aware in dreams.


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