Living on prana – preparation day 2

Last night I woke up totally refreshed at 1am but stayed in bed and meditated for a while. I did go back to sleep eventually but then kept waking up and not being tired at all. Eventually I got up at 5am and started to get ready for work. I could of get up earlier but knowing that I have all day at work ahead of me I just forced myself to stay in bed. If that happens again tonight I shall just get up.
I believe this is to do with excess energy as my body doesn’t have to process much food, so I don’t feel very tired. I wonder what’s going to happen tonight.
I spent a great day at work and managed to get outside and sit in the sun for lunch and eat a small salad made with a bunch of green leaves, some seaweed, one small tomato and one small avocado.
I also sipped 2 cups of clear broth I made last night from the sprigs of kale, which were left over from making kale crisps. You have to tear the leaves and massage them with olive oil and salt and dehydrate for 12h. They come out crispy and very tasty. I also had few of those with my meal.
However this was not the only meal I had today as in the morning I eat 1 apple and 1 pear. There is such abundance of them in my garden at the moment that I’ve decided to have some first thing in the morning.
I had 2 cups of organic coffee with organic home made hemp milk and some green tea.
When I came home around 6pm I had a small nap for 20min. and then went to hot yoga. Then I had a bath, wrote this post and it’s already 22.50 and I’m ready to do my candle meditation and go to sleep. I’m still fully rested and feeling great!


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