Living on prana preperation – day 3

Another wonderful day. I woke up well before 6am refreshed and ready to go. Every morning I exercise the Tibetan rites and finish off the routine with head stand for a good minute. This gives me more power and energy. Then I drink a large glass of warm water with MSM powder and a juice of half lemon.

I started my day with 2 small apples and a handful of raspberries from my garden. Throughout the day I had 2 cups of organic coffee with home made organic hemp milk. For lunch I had a green salad with 1 tomato, 2 small pickled cucumbers in salted water, 1 small avocado, all sprinkled with organic tamari sauce.
I came home about 6pm and rested for 30min on the sofa. I think I had a mini sleep. Then I went to hot yoga. I really like that session and felt so energised afterwards.
Now I’ve just had a hot bath with some rosemary and sage from the garden and I’m ready for my candle meditation and sleep.

Throughout the day I was also thanking my body, restoring my energy through talking to it. I was visualising all my organs being in perfect balance and working in harmony. I’ve instructed my cells to renew themselves and felt a wonderful connection to the Source. I feel that I’m a new rejuvenated human being.
Thank you


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