Living on prana preparation – Day 4

This morning I woke up at 3.50am totally rested and ready to go, so I decided to get up and read for a little bit. As I was fully awake I exercised the 5 Tibetan rites and carried out a water enema. It was just after 5am so I went back to bed as I wanted to rest a little bit longer and relax in a horizontal position before the busy day at work. At 6am I was already preparing some apple and celery juice/milkshake and hemp milk. I’ve mixed them together with 1tbs of maca, 1 tbs tocotreniols, 1 tbs baobab powder and 1 tsp Siberian ginseng. Although I don’t want to use any supplements in this process I decided to add some superfood powders as I bought them over the summer and need to use them before the end date. It was a very tasty shake, which I had for breakfast and felt really full for the whole day. I didn’t eat anything until I came home and had an apple from my garden and few tablespoons of some organic bio-live yogurt. I was very satisfied and didn’t have any cravings even though my friend came over and I cooked her some dinner!

I then had a bath and was relaxing for an hour in a lying position. Now I’m ready to meditate with the candle and then go to sleep.

I’m really surprised how much energy I had today despite very little food and a very busy day at work.


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