Living on prana preparation day 5&6

I was working till late last night and when I came home I had a hot bath and went straight to bed. I didn’t feel like opening a computer so I decided to write my impressions from both days at the same time. Yesterday was like any other day except that I finish my work late and had my usual lunch, where I eat a clear broth made of kale sprigs with a bunch of sunfire seaweeds and one small avocado. In the evening, as I was socializing, I had a few water crackers with some pepper pate. I went to bed around 11pm and slept through the night.
Today for breakfast I eat two small apples and for lunch I had a green salad leaves from my garden with pickled peppers and cucumbers and 1 small avocado. I’ve sprinkled it with some tamari sauce but in the evening as it was Friday and I had few friends around at my house I decided to let go and drunk two glasses of organic red wine and eat some water crackers with pepper pate.
Inisially I felt guilty about it but then I thought that there is nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine. I had lots of water afterwards and felt fine throughout the evening. I didn’t have a bath tonight. I felt good about breaking rituals and rules. I need to write a post about it tomorrow.


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