Living on prana – day 9&10 – breakthrough

Suddenly I went through a breakthrough but not intentionally. On Monday I simply didn’t have time to eat at work and straight after I went to a yoga class. When i came home I simply had a bath and went to bed. I meditated for a little bit and was asleep by 10pm.
All day long I felt great and had lots of energy. I was teaching all day long and managing a large class. I was also leading a physical warm-up, which included some difficult yoga poses. I was amazed how good I felt. I only had one coffee and some water. Ah yes on the way home I drunk a clear broth, which i prepared a day before and didn’t wanted to waste it. However I didn’t feel a strong desire to drink it. i simply wasn’t hungry.

Today I decided not to take any food to work. I thought it would be a bigger challenge as I wasn’t teaching and spent whole day doing administration. Usually this is very challenging as I tend to eat when I work by the computer. To my surprise I managed the whole day without any food. Again I was amazed. It was very easy! I didn’t struggle and I wasn’t uncomfortable. I felt amazing and extra happy. I had so much energy and stamina. I arrived at work very early and work almost non stop throughout the whole day. I only had a small break, when I went outside for a short walk. It was a nice sunny day and I sat under the chestnut tree and meditated for a while. That was really rewarding. I felt so happy and content.
The day it’s coming to the close now and I still don’t feel any desire to eat. Usually after work I fancy a snack and a drink but today that wasn’t a case.
Throughout the whole day I drunk 2 cups of coffee with soya milk, green tea and some water. In the evening I had a cup of herbal coffee with standard milk.
All is good. This was the best day ever.


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