Living on prana – preparation day 7&8

I’ve spent the weekend resting and enjoying the sun as it was very warm and sunny. On Saturday morning I had so much energy and so I decided to clean the house and did it for 3 hours without any break. Then I went to town with my friend and spent all day walking around browsing through shops and felt amazing despite that I didn’t eat anything all day long. I had a coffee in town and that gave me some extra energy.
In the evening I cooked a small red potato and eat it in the broth made of miso. I also had a small portion of yogurt with cherries.

On Sunday I was reading and knitting and watching movies. It was nice not to do anything. I work so hard during the week so having a free weekend it’s a real benefit.
I still felt really good and only eat an apple for breakfast some cooked carrots for dinner.

I had a good night sleep and wonderful warm baths in the evenings but no candle meditations.


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