Living on prana – preparation Day 12, 13 &14

This morning I had a beautiful meditation. After a good night sleep I woke up around 6am but decided to go back to sleep to practice lucid dreaming. I was dreaming a lot for the next couple of hours but didn’t wake up in any of the dreams. I then went to the garden as the weather is still summery and sat on the grass to meditate. I was inspired yesterday by Jasmuheen meditation technique on healing our bodies and renewing our cells. Although I have been talking to my cells and my body organs for a while now it was good to incorporate Jasmuheen suggestions also to make the meditation more powerful. It was so rewarding and uplifting, my breath was very deep and slow and with this deep breathing came the voice also, I was humming! It was amazing. I then exercised the 5 Tibetan rites and felt the Divine energy pouring from me. Yesterday with this meditation I started the process of healing my eyes. I should be wearing glasses according to the optician and I do wear them but only when I drive. I’m renewing my body, re-programming it, rejuvenating it, so I decided to give preference to my eyes first.

I feel more and more presence of prana in my body. I have been re-aligning my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies whenever I can remember to do so. I have been asking Ascended Masters and the Divine to help me to move to the 5th dimension and beyond, to re-program my bodies, to claim the God within me and return to the original Blueprint of the true Human.
I understood that humans are nourished by prana, by the Divine Love and only then, they can fulfill rewarding, non egoistic functions and their role as guardians of this planet Earth. Our Earth is changing and expanding, reaching higher levels of consciousness. We should be helping her and transform with her.
Plants are nourished by prana, which is all around us in the ground, the sun and the air. We humans have been eating plants to get that prana to nourish our bodies; however we don’t have to do it anymore as now we can get the prana directly from the sun, through conscious breathing and grounding. There is no need to digest the plants to reach the prana. It’s so simple and I’m so grateful that I’ve understood it now.

I’m having lots of insights and beautiful thoughts and I’ve noticed that I’m smiling all the time. Nothing is a problem anymore, I’m more gentle and loving to people around me. Yesterday I baked an apple cake for my family as I have so many apples in my garden. That is a novelty for me, as I generally don’t bake. However I did it with love and was very happy to do it. I didn’t have any desire to eat any of it. It was such a wonderful experience. I must say I had a lot of practice already with being around food and not eating it due to my raw diet. In the past I would cook for others (including meat) and not eat any of the food. Later in the afternoon I also cooked chicken risotto for my daughter and some liver for my husband. It didn’t bother me at all and I was very happy to serve them.
My food yesterday was an apple, few small grapes and lots and lots of prana. I also drunk a cup of coffee with soya milk as it is my favourite and some herbal tea.
On Friday I was working all day and only had a coffee and didn’t really feel any hunger. However in the evening I went with my family to London to see a musical to celebrate my husband’s birthday and we also went to a Chinese restaurant. I didn’t want to be rude so I eat a small bowl of clear miso soup and 3-4 steamed dumplings and 4 small spring rolls. That didn’t go very well and I felt a little bit sick. However I accepted the food, gave my gratitude and felt a lot better later on.
The next day (yesterday, Saturday) I had enema and cleared my system. This experience reassured me again that I didn’t need that food. The deep breathing and conscious connection to the Divine Love would give me more nutrients. On the other hand I don’t regret it. I have learnt to accept everything and take things easy.
So far I feel wonderful and loving. I still have a little worry deep down regarding my weight loss but I’m reassuring my body that the direct prana is more valuable than physical food. I’m slowly getting there. I’m beginning to look at fruit and vegetables the way I look at meat now. The fruit and vegetables are around me and I respect them but I don’t need to eat them anymore.
I have been conversing with plants (fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.) for long time now and I know that they are conscious and poses high vibrations directly from prana. We all know that the plants grown by humans in organic conditions taste so much better as they are free from pesticides and enhanced by the love of humans who care for them. Organically grown food poses more prana as it is not blocked by pesticides.
I have been always giving thanks to the fruit and vegetables I have been consuming and I’m grateful that they have been nourishing me so well. However now I feel I can also get direct nurishment from prana.
Today my physical food was a diluted vegetable soup and a cup of coffee with soya milk. The bundle of energy I got from lots of prana through fresh air (deep breathing), contact with the ground and the sun. It has been a lovely day and most of it I’ve spent in the garden. I feel strong, happy and fulfilled.


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