Living on prana – preparation Day 15

It’s 3.15 am and I woke up really refreshed and ready for today’s activities. In front of me it’s a long day at work but maybe I’ll catch another hour of sleep before I’ll leave. On the other hand I will try to re-program myself and reassure my body that it is in a perfect condition, totally rested and doesn’t need to sleep anymore. However, I will try to meditate at least.
Yesterday I felt amazing, still lots of energy and high levels of stamina and well being. I was working all day with just 3 small 15-20 minutes breaks. In the first two I went outside and meditated on the grass. The weather is still very warm, so it’s such a bliss to be able to sit in the sun. During these short meditations I was re-programming my body and feeding it with prana as well as reinforcing a new belief that this is possible. I was talking to my body and my inner Divine sending gratitude.
Straight after work I went to yoga and had a very good but very tough session. I felt wonderful afterwards. I came home and had a bath and meditated for a while and then decided to go to sleep. It was only 9pm but I had a very active, physical day. When I got up in the morning I’ve exercised the 5 Tibetan rites and then I was teaching all day, including a practical session with students, where I was exercising yoga with them. However I didn’t feel that tired. I felt content and satisfied and my energy levels were still high.
I’m sure that the meditations and re-programming play a big part in my new way of being.
Throughout the day I fed myself on prana and I also had 3 cups of very diluted soup, about 2 cups of water and a cup of coffee with soya milk. I wasn’t hungry at all and I’m almost surprised that I have so much energy.
At work I’m sailing through with no stress or irritation although I have so much to do. I’m calm, my mind is clear and I have lots of patience for students.


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