Living on prana – preparation Day 16

After waking up at 3am this morning I thought I would be very tired today. Yes, I went to sleep for another hour at around 5am but that was because I was still rooted in the old belief system that if I don’t sleep enough I will be tired. I really didn’t need that extra hour but I fell asleep and head heavy dreams so I wasn’t as fresh and awake as I normally am.
At work around 10am I had a coffee with soya milk, my favourite drink, which I’m not intending to give up yet but that maybe the case in the future. I don’t really restrict myself to anything but make choices. If I crave something first I think why do I really crave it and once I get the insight what’s happening I usually move away from it. We eat, drink, watch tv, ect. out of habit, like automatons, not even thinking why and what. That’s what the media said, that’s the culture, that’s the tradition and that’s the way. We are simply following out of date routines, feeding on other people lives, news, illnesses, diets, problems, etc.
During lunc- time I meditated for almost an hour in the College park by the trees. The sun was so strong that I had to move into the shade. I felt wonderful. Throughout the day I drunk 2 large cups of very diluted soup and in the evening I eat one small apple and a bunch of grapes. I really felt that on my stomach.
I got a little bit stressed at work in the afternoon over some tedious administration tasks I had to do and when I came home I needed to relax and clear my head for an hour. That’s when I had the grapes, which I eat purely for the emotional reasons. I could clearly see how food is related to our emotions as it was so well demonstrated to me.
I then went to a hot yoga session, which is usually a tough class and so it was but I’ve sailed through it. I was energized and had so much strength in me that this really surprised me. According to the masses belief system I should be weak and frail after 2 weeks living on almost no food but instead I felt a great power within me.
I’m so grateful to my body, mind and spirit and the Universal Source/God/Light/Cosmic Power.


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