Living on prana – preparation Day 17

I’m still amazed as it’s already 11pm and I got up this morning at 5.50am, worked all day till 7pm and straight after had an Italian class till 9pm and I’m not tired! I’m still feeling the energy, which is pouring out of me and I have a smile on my face.
During lunch today I’ve managed to go outside and meditated partly in the sun and partly in the shade, sitting on the ground for about an hour. It was beautiful and the squirrels were running around me looking for food. I was happy to get all my nutrients from prana. I was re-programming my body, did some deep breathing and then sat quietly for a while.
When I came back to the office I was energized and worked very effectively for the rest of the day. I went again to the woods in the afternoon for another, this time shorter meditation and a tiny walk. I had some physical food also today, which included two small apples, 3 wheat and gluten free crackers with some humus and half an avocado. I also drunk 2 cups of coffee with goat’s milk and had some water.
Busy but happy day.


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