Setback – last Friday (yesterday) I broke my living on prana reality and joined in the party.

Setback – last Friday (yesterday) I broke my living on prana reality and joined in the party.
It all started in the morning. I was in a very good spirit and felt strong and energized on waking up. Just before leaving for work I’ve made a thin soup from 3 tomatoes I had left over in the fridge. They have been sitting there for a while and needed eating. I’ve put the soup in the flask, refilled the bottles with water and went to work. On Friday we usually meet in my bosses office for a coffee and sweet buns, pastries, cakes, ect. Sometimes I join in and sometimes not, it depends how I feel. This morning I was in high spirit so I joined the gathering and made myself a large cup of coffee. That was a mistake as I’ve also given in to a sweet bun. This choice didn’t go well with my body and it upset my digestive system. I was trying to transmute it but I don’t feel it worked, as I still didn’t feel right. I felt that I’ve entered the reality of cravings for physical food.
At lunchtime I didn’t manage to meditate as people kept coming to me and interrupting my flow of meditation, so I gave that up.
After lunch I eat 3 crackers with humus and in the afternoon I had another coffee. I still felt odd and unsettled.
The evening plans were setting down and as it was such a hot day my friends decided to make a BBQ and sit in one of my colleagues garden. I’ve promised to join in and as soon as I walked to the party house I knew that my prana plan was going to be broken again on this day.
I had a 3 shots of vodka (!) and then tucked in some couscous, a large bowl of it to compensate for the alcohol and eat some crisps. For the rest of the evening I drank my soup and water. I felt heavy and immediately recognized the old way of being, depended on food, sluggish body and mind; however I decided not to regret my decision and saw it as a natural fall, which was bound to happen taking into consideration that I have been living and working as normal since I’ve started my programme. I wasn’t isolated in some beauty spot in pure nature spending all my time meditating and resting. Instead I was working full time with people and spending most of the time indoors. I took this set back as a natural way of events and decided to use it as a springboard to a new chapter in my way of living.
I was happy that in front of me was a long, restful weekend with beautiful, summery weather.
I got up refreshed and did a colonic. I then meditated and ask The Divine within me for guidance. The message came very quickly and I understood that I could now enter the liquid diet. I decided to continue to feed my body on the physical food through thin fruit smoothies and vegetable broths. That would help me to progress faster and I would be able to keep away from any solid foods and possible temptations in the future.
This message made me feel energized and happy. I then also decided to stop drinking coffee, replace it with herbal teas and consume the liquids only between 11-6pm.
It’s a middle of the day now and I’ve made a really nice thin smoothie: 1 banana, a cup of water and my super food powders: maca, gotu kola, tocotreniols, baobab powder, ginseng, ecchinea, hemp seeds. That was delicious and filled me up. Once again I feel energized and optimistic.


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