Back on track and a lovely weekend in the sun eating just fruit.

Back on track and a lovely weekend in the sun eating just fruit.

I’ve spent two beautiful days in the sun as the hot weather is still holding in UK. It felt like summer and I was sunbathing, reading and relaxing. I had a long sleep last night but even though I still fell asleep on the ground in the garden in the middle of the day. I think it’s to do with the enormous amount of fresh prana from the ground, the air and the sun. I also decided to say “no” to coffee. I felt that I have become too dependent on it so I wanted to break that and feel free. I realised that lately I was craving coffee and my day oscillated towards time when I could sit down and had a cup.
I’m glad that I was able to put a stop to it. I know that all cravings come from emotional body and to satisfy the craving one must satisfy the emotions and break the habits. My habit with the coffee was already well established as I was always looking forward to it once I sat down in the middle of the day to do some reading or writing. This time I made myself an herbal chicory coffee and that was good enough. I felt a little bit unsettled and even once attempted to make an instant cup of real coffee but once I’ve made it I’ve poured it down the sink. I really didn’t need it.
I didn’t feel any major withdrawal symptoms like headache but I felt a little bit down and deprived of energy, hence my sleep in the garden after which I felt energized and back on track.
I hope I can maintain that strong will and resist the coffee at work. I realized that the command “I feel energized and in good spirit” can help me a lot as I’ve already tested it today and I did feel better straight away.
I didn’t meditate directly in a strict sense of sitting on the ground, as I was quietly pottering around the house and relaxing on the deck chairs outside. This was sufficient enough and I felt at peace.
I eat some grapes today and made the smoothie with banana, half avocado and the super food powders. I felt really full and satisfied; oh sorry I also had 1 cooked carrot from yesterday broth. I have already made this same fruit smoothie for tomorrow and cooked a clear, vegetable broth from 1 carrot, 2 celery sticks and few kale leaves, so I can take it to work in a flask.


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