Swapping this evening yoga session for contact with nature and fresh air.

It’s still beautiful and hot here in UK, I have never experienced that warm weather so late in the year. I really love it. It’s like July except it’s getting dark much earlier. Today after work I was meant to go to yoga but instead I decided to spend the evening on my patio outside. The air is so warm and pleasant and this could be once of the last evening of the year spent outside before winter comes.
I’m planning to meditate later on sitting on the grass in the garden and tuning in to fresh prana.
I slept very well again last night and as I’m not drinking anything in the evenings now I don’t wake up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. This is good for my kidneys as they also have a break. No food and no drink after 6pm relax the body and allow it to chill out and rest.
I have tried to live without a coffee today at work but found myself irritable and very tired, so at around 3pm I gave in and made myself a cup of my usual coffee. That made such a difference and I was back to myself again, energized and happy. I was so moody in the morning and even my colleagues noticed it and kept asking me what’s wrong with me. I shall still try not to drink coffee if I can but if I have a busy day at College and feel that my energy levels are dropping down I shall have a cup of coffee. I have a very low blood pressure and coffee simply picks me up. I do realize that most of it is a habit and I can override it with re-programming; however I’m not going to force it and do it slowly.

I feel really full and satisfied as today I had 2 cups of my usual banana smoothie with super food powders. I also added half an avocado and some soaked goji berries.
I also had 2 cups of hot, thin vegetable soup made of 1 carrot, few kale leaves and 2 celery sticks. I blended the carrot and some of the kale leaves with 1 small avocado and 1tbs of unpausterised miso with the water they were cooked in.
On the way home I had 2 small pears from my friends garden and now I’m just about to sip some herbal tea to close the day.
It was quite a lot of food in the end so I will reduce it to I cup of each a day.


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