Cleaning and polishing chakras enhance health and well-being.

I’ve attended a chakra workshop yesterday to open my charkas and be more aware of them. The workshop was very basic but nevertheless it has inspired me to work more on my charkas and include them in my daily meditations. It’s good to be aware of our charkas and maintain them at all times to keep all bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) balanced and energized.
All seven bodies charkas are connected to our glands as well as physical organs. They govern our emotions, intuitions and connect us with other dimensions. I see charkas as tunnels through which we can connect to our Higher Self and get the grasp of a bigger picture of who we are and how we operate on a larger scale.
Clean, healthy charkas provide the healing of mind, emotions, body and spirit. They can be nourished by prana and love of the Divine allowing us to feel content and satisfied. The vibrating disks can go very fast or be rusty and cranky. The more freedom they have to move the more energy we feel. They give us clarity and endurance. We have a sense of happiness and generally are in good mood. Life seems easy and problems diminish.

As we are entering the 5th dimension it is important to pay attention to the spinning charkas. I feel that we should meditate on charkas daily and start to include them in our every day routine. As we already know cleaning our physical body is not enough anymore to feel happy and content. We also need to reflect and devote some time to meditation and conscious breathing every day. This is crucial if we want to grow spiritually and expand our consciousness. These simple routines prepare us to expand multidimensionally as we are no longer locked in a single reality. The new paradigms, which are opening right in front of us and the Cosmic Love poring down from the Divine is widely accessible to everyone; however we need to tune in and prepare ourselves to receive it with ease and comfort.

This is a very good website if you would like to find out more about charkas. I also recommend the book “Wheel of life” by Anodea Judith. It’s very informative, clear and easy to comprehend, suitable for beginners and advanced readers.


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