Starting the sungazing practice again…day 2=20sec. in preparation for living on prana

Few years ago I discovered sungazing and started doing it on daily basis; however after a while my eyes were very sore so I’ve stopped.
I’m going to start doing it again with more care and attention. I can see that it will be a rather long process as the winter is coming and there will be many cloudy and rainy days. I hope that keeping a blog will help me to be consistent and I will be able to keep a track of how many seconds/minutes I’m doing it every day.
This morning was my 2nd day and I did stare at the sun soon after raising for 20sec. and now I’m just about to do my evening session. There are some clouds forming in the sky but I might be just lucky to get it.
One very good advice I’ve picked up was that after the gazing it’s good to close eyes and stare at the dot behind the eyes until it disappears. This reminds me of a candle staring I have been doing before I go to sleep.
Sungazing should be done barefoot standing directly on the ground. This maybe tricky when the cold will come but I have been use to going outside in the winter to do some breathing when I wake up and before I go to sleep.
Together with eating one meal a day, sun-gazing should help me to get nutrients directly to my body without eating the physical food.
It has been a wonderful, sunny weekend and majority of it I spent outside in the sun. It’s a luxury to be able to do sunbathing in the middle of October in UK. As I work full time it’s not easy to catch fresh air every day, not even mentioning sun! Now, I’m fully charge for the week to come and will try to go back to my lunch time meditations outside, which I wasn’t able to do for the whole last week.
I feel recharged and positive. Today I had a superfood smoothie with banana and I’ve made it hot’ which I prefer to the cold one. I have been drinking that every day on my way to work and found it very satisfying and filling.
For lunch I had few crackers some with humus and some with soft cheese. I even had a crumpet as we had guests staying over and they love crumpets so I also had one.
For the evening meal I had two raw apples. I have been also meditating and re-programming my belief system and DNA.
However I must say it was a bit strange day as in the middle of it I was quite low, which is very unusual for me. I don’t know why this happened but I’ve managed to pick myself up after watching an amazing interview with Anita Moorjani about her Near Death experience. I have read about her before but she’s been recently interviewed again to promote her new book. I find her very inspiring and although I already knew the story it was so uplifting to listen to it again. Here is the link.


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