Changing your dreams will allow you to change your every day reality.

I woke up this morning at 6am totally refreshed and awake; however I decided to stay in bed and do some energy work after which I went back to dreaming. At some point there was heavy rain in my dream and everyone was running away. I decided to make a change and stay where I was, so I stepped into the rain and commanded for the rain to stop where I was standing. At this point I was lucid and soon enough there was a circle around me with clear sky and no rain. Then I wanted the sun to shin upon me and as I was matrialising it I was also waking up to the daylight pouring through my windows. I woke up into this reality thinking that we are in charge of out destiny and we create our reality through the though patterns and behaviour from the past.
This is not a novelty to me but it became even more clear how true that was. It is known to us that our thoughts create our present but this dream reinforced me once again that this is the ultimate truth. Later on I was reading a book, which was again underlining that statement. I felt really elevated and yet again comforted by this belief system, which by now became solid within me.
I also have been sun gazing in the morning and in the evening and reached the 70 seconds now. I really feel that the sun energy gives me so much power and positive vibrations. I’m so grateful for those opportunities to meditate staring at the sun and being rooted to the earth. It makes me complete and happy.
Today also I had a funny moment, which I categorise as a first conscious slide moment through different dimensions. I was driving with my husband to his mum’s house and we stopped in her driveway to pick up some quinces hanging from a tree. As I was reaching up for them, and they were not high, I experienced a moment of …I really don’t know how to describe it…I felt dizzy and lightheaded (that never happens to me) and the light became different. What came to my head was that I was in a different time zone. I wasn’t hungry or tired, so I knew that this was the moment of sliding through dimensions. It was truly the first conscious moment of experiencing the 5th dimension. I know this is just the beginning and these moments will become more frequent; however I think I’m ready for them, as I have been expecting them for some time now. I’m grateful to be able to recognise this moment and it reminds me of my first moment of feeling truly happy and expanded, which I experienced few years ago. The first moment of awakening from which I went on my journey of self-discovery and recognition of who I am. That moment of 2-3 seconds then became hours now and I know that this moment of today will also expand and become normal to me.


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