Miracles do happen every day

This has been a very special day or simply a very normal day but I saw more in it. The Course in Miracles opens my heart and widens my attitude towards life with every moment. However today was very special. It started few days ago when out of blue I received a parcel containing a beautiful book called “Buddhist offerings 365 days” and a lovely letter from one of my older daughter’s friend Alice. In this parcel Alice has also sent me some photographs of Tilinanu Angels, who are the girls living in an orphanage in Malawi, which Alice set up two years ago. I was very touched as I’ve never met Alice and it wasn’t my birthday or any other special occasion. Alice just sent it to me because she wanted to share this book with me. This was a very special moment for me and I had tears in my eyes. Immediately I thought about helping the girls in the orphanage and I was planning to send them a parcel with presents.
During the weekend I was busy filming my project but also managed to spend some time in my lovely garden in the sun. Although it’s a middle of November, the sun was delicious and I was walking bare feet for most of the day. I’ve checked the weather for the rest of the week and noticed that this Tuesday will be also a sunny day. Well, Tuesday is my administration day at work and this year we have been given an opportunity to work from home if we spend more than 40h onsite during a week, which I certainly do. I decided to work from home this coming Tuesday, which is today. Funny enough I started feeling some symptoms of a cold. This was strange as I haven’t been ill for over 4 years now. I also felt a strange pain in my upper back, which I got from sleeping badly the night before. This was very strange to me as I’m always full of energy and feeling slight discomfort in my body was foreign to me.
After a full day on Monday I came home, had a bath and went to bed really early. I slept for almost 12 hours during which I was tossing and turning and dreaming but also healing my body and releasing any unwanted emotions or distress.
In the morning I listened to the 18th lesson in the Course of Miracles and read few pages of a book about past lives and incarnations. An hour later I felt heavy and drifted off. I woke up 40 minutes later from a deep meditation and I felt that my guardians or other beings were working on my body. I knew that this whole so called “illness” was induced, so I can stay at home and relax. I felt that I had to rest alone, so some adjustment would be made to my body. I know it sounds like science fiction but I’m beyond that now. Everything is connected, has consciousness and happens for a reason. I’ve learnt how to listen to my body and the spirit within. I can now recognize many insights and have lots of revelations. This was one of them. The symptoms of the cold have almost disappeared and I felt really good.


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