Opening of the Third Eye and New Energy

Few years back I had this amazing dream, where I became lucid as I was floating in the ocean water. I was a mermaid, so I decided to dive down to the bottom of the sea. I found myself between ruins of an old town and I knew it was Atlantis. From there I picked up a large crystal and put it in my forehead, where the third eye is. I swam to the surface and woke up. I felt an incredible, vibrating sensation for the next few days in my forehead.

Few days ago I also became lucid but this time I was aware that I’m in my bed. Suddenly I saw a thick wall of black sticks in my forehead but they were opening up revealing a beam of round light. It was like having a sun on my forehead through which I could see. I was literally looking through my third eye. For some reason I was looking at the old medieval castle and then I woke up for good.

 There have been many strange things happening lately with my body. For some reason for the last two weekends I have been “ill”. It happened last Saturday and this Saturday but I’m only ill for that one day. Last Saturday I had a runny nose and this one I felt very nauseous. I know it’s not a normal illness, besides I haven’t been ill for few years now as I lead very healthy life style. Strangely enough both times I had to stay in bed and I just slept. I had no energy and this is not like me as usually I’m always full of it.

I also have been having very vivid dreams and feel very connected with everything around me. I can sense how people are feeling, what they are going to say, etc.

 For me these are all symptoms of the new energy coming into our Earth. That energy, that new consciousness is already here and it’s truly wonderful. However we need to be patient and understand that everything what is happening to us and around us is part of it; it’s getting us closer to the New Earth. 


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