Healthy and light soup of the day.

We tend to eat so much stogy food, which takes up so much time and energy to digest, that after a heavy meal it’s difficult to move or have any enthusiasm to do anything. Usually, we just moan that we’ve eaten too much and want to go to sleep. I have discovered, that if I eat less or just consume blended foods, like soups and smoothies, I sleep less, have more energy and are much more focused. I’m also more productive and work much faster and more efficient. The energy, which would be normally used to digest heavy meals, is free for me to play.

Soup recipe of the day:

1 small red potato

1 parsnip

½ avocado

3-4 sprigs of asparagus

1tbs of miso – optional

Salt and cayenne pepper for taste

½ liter of water

Steam (20min) or boil (10min) the potato and parsnip and then blend with the rest.


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