Be kind to yourself. Self-compassion will help you to expand while criticism will destroy you.

Self- compassion is a very helpful tool to overcome addictions, be it food, drink, sex or technology. By allowing yourself to be compassionate towards self rather than constantly criticize your own behavior or thinking patterns, you will be able to break free of unwanted habits. Affirmations help enormously in this process but they need to be also compatible with your own believe system.

Let’s say that you are frightened of spiders…the wrongly formed affirmations won’t help you but hinder you. Rather than saying I’m not frightened of spiders, find something in you, which you believe in and is related to your anxiety. For example you may say, I’m bigger and stronger than this spider when you see one.

The same applies to healthy eating, feel the affirmation and say to yourself: I’d like to be healthy and lean. See the future ahead and imagine that you are already healthy and lean. When you see the vegetables in front of you just see the goal of you feeling healthy and happy and your body will respond and become stronger and leaner.

However, if you opted out for fried, heavy, greasy food, don’t scold yourself. Accept that you have eaten it and make sure that your next meal will be more nutritious.

 Stay awake and be aware of what you are doing and if it feels wrong, stop or significantly slow down the process of your actions. This will help you to realize what you are doing and make a change. Maybe you are not hungry at all? Maybe you are eating just to cover up an unwanted emotion? Maybe you are eating out of habit? Slow down and become aware of it.


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