Solar eclipse and New Moon signifies new beginnings.

This is the best time o start something new and challenging. This could be a good time to pick up the New Year resolution you have forgotten about or simply update it and carry on. We are hugely influenced by the planets so it is wise to know about what’s in the sky so don’t miss this opportunity of starting something new.

I recommend going without wheat and doing a spring cleanse. It will be good to follow it until the 4th of June as this is when the Lunar eclipse will happen. It’s not a long period of time and therefore manageable. Going without wheat for two weeks will give you more energy and get rid of bloating. You might like the benefits so much that you may even follow it for longer.

You will be shocked to discover how much wheat you eat in one day, starting with cereal, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner…you may ask where to begin? How is it possible to go without wheat?

Start your day with fresh fruit for breakfast. Have salad for lunch and buckwheat vegetable stew for dinner. Eat vegetable soups and stews as a hot meal and raw salads to get the enzymes and vitamins. Fresh seasonal fruit will cleanse your body and are a great start of the day.


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