Veggie Cakes/ raw burgers

SeedsVeggie Cakes

The veggie cakes are excellent accompanies to any meals, salads, vegetables or just eaten on it’s own as snacks. You can dehydrate them or cook them in the oven on a very low heat overnight. You can shallow fry them in coconut oil or grill them for a short time to make them warm. The less cooking time the more enzymes and vitamins they have.


1 cup of sunflower seeds – pre-soaked for 8-10h
1 cup of pumpkin seeds – pre-soaked for 8-10h
I usually mix them together and soak overnight.
2 tbsp of flaxseeds or chia seeds
2 carrots – grated
2 tomatoes – chopped
2 celery sticks – chopped
1 small onion – chopped
½ tsp sea salt or 1tbsp of miso
½ tsp cayenne pepper
Fresh herbs of your choice- coriander, parsley, oregano

Any additional dry herbs will complement this recipe. If you are using coriander add cumin, curry and turmeric. If you are using parsley add basil. Oregano also goes well with marjoram and parsley.

Put all ingredients in a blender but flaxseeds and blend until smooth. You can opt for a very smooth blend or more coarse to feel the texture of all ingredients. You can add some water to make the blending easier. Add very small amount of water at first to help with the blending. It’s difficult to say how much as this depends on a type of blender. If you’ve added too much water, then just increase the amount of flaxseeds afterwards, as they will soak up the water.
Add the flaxseeds or chia seeds and leave the mixture for 15 min. If it is still runny add more flaxseeds or chia seeds.

Scoop 1 tbsp of the mixture and form round, flat cakes. You can place them under the grill for 10min on each side or shallow fry them using coconut oil. For a healthier version put them in a dehydrator for 8-10h or in the oven on the baking tray. You will need to turn them over once towards the end of drying. It’s up to you what consistency you want to achieve. You may dry the cakes very well and store them in the container for up to 3 months or if you prefer softer version shorten the drying time and keep them in the fridge.

Again, you can experiment with the ingredients here by replacing tomatoes with red or yellow peppers or zucchini or simply adding them all.

You can also add 1 tbsp of spirulina or ½ tsp of kelp.


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