The summer came along and I have decided to give my body a little bit more break from food. It’s much easier to not eat much when it’s hot. In the winter we often crave for more food, hot and stogy to keep us warm. However in the summer we can afford to eat lightly.

I’m fasting every other day but rather than going for a traditional water fast I decided to mix the dry fast and the water fast together. That way I have a balance and not too much strain on my body. During the dry fast you don’t eat or drink, nothing. It sounds bit extreme but for some people it is much easier to go through than the water fast. The digestive system is completely closed and the body goes into hibernation. According to Dr Filinov, who wrote a book “Dry Medical Fasting – Myths and Reality” our body creates water as a byproduct by burning fat “Hydrogen released from the metabolized fat combines with oxygen from air and creates H2O”. However if you are not used to fasting I recommend water fasting first to get used to it as during the dry fast the cells release a lot of toxins.

Anyway, I don’t eat much protein, no meat, occasionally goat cheese and eggs and avoid gluten and carbohydrate altogether. My main diet consist of salads packed with super foods and vegetable soups. My body is simply prepared for fasting. On the other hand I love eating. When I first started I had my meal at around 5pm with the last sip of water at 6pm, I didn’t eat or drink until 5pm the next day. I should have waited until 6pm really but I was rather deprived of the energy and decided to have a drink. It is important to break the dry fast with water, sip it slowly for up to 2 hours and then eat again. I drank the water for 1 hour only and then had a salad. The next day I eat normally, 3 meals and again finished at 6pm. I started fasting again until 5pm then drinking water and eating. The following day I eat as normal and finished my last drop of water at around 8pm.

However today I decided to dry fast until 6pm and then started drinking water and herbal teas but no dinner! It really works. I still do not feel hungry. I was thirsty at times during the day and it was hot. I was even sun bathing in the morning. I decided to drink water until bed time and eat again tomorrow. That way I will be hydrated before eating solid foods. I will try to continue this way of eating over the summer.

So far I feel really good, energised and happy 🙂


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