Make a Fresh Start

IMG_0998As autumn is fading away and winter is approaching fast consider this time to change something in your life. The season is changing and your body and soul also needs a change. This time of the year is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your development of your soul and the journey you have embarked on in this lifetime. Often we want to forget the world in the cold months and bury ourselves under the blankets in front of television or a computer. It’s time to rest, to hibernate but it is also a time of change, of shift, of a new beginning.

To change something often requires to give up something, to discard an old habit or a pattern. Make that change today.

This could be something very small, a little adjustment in your daily life. Maybe you decide to get up 30min earlier than usual and spend this time to meditate or prepare your lunch to take with you to work rather than buying food someone else prepared and packed in a plastic container.

What habits have you developed without even realising it? Examine your daily routine and look closer at the activities, which don’t serve you anymore.

 Change = giving up = free time and space

What are you going to do with this free time and space? Think about replacing it with something new and exiting. There are long evenings ahead of you. Take this opportunity and start something new, so you can develop it throughout the next four months. You might not know straight away what this new project could be but if you make room by shedding something old the ideas will come along. Remember it only take as little as 20-30min of your time every day to develop something significant. Yes, I know your day may be packed with activities already: work, cooking, shopping, visiting relatives…watching tv, surfing on the internet, complaining, texting, drinking and eating too much…the list is long. However only you can change it. It’s worth it.

I decided to get up an hour earlier. Well, it’s not that bad, I just didn’t change the clock in my bedroom, so I still get up according to the summer time. This way I have an extra hour every day before I go to work. Amazing. In the evening I simply go an hour earlier to bed, again according to the clock in my bedroom.


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