Good Morning Drink

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Good Morning Drink = Clean Start

 We are used to the morning routine like brushing the teeth or taking a shower but the inside of our body is usually neglected and forced to wake up by coffee or tea. We forget that what’s happening inside our bodies is reflected on the outside through skin and general appearance. The shower will refresh and clean the skin on the outside but we also need that water taken internally.

Start a day with a glass of warm water. I stress the fact that the water should be warm as our body temperature is also warm, so you don’t want to shock all the organs by giving them a cold shower. Add juice of ½ lemon; if you run out of lemons add freshly squeezed orange juice. Lemons will help to clean your colon as they contain pectin fiber helping to flush out toxins. They will strengthen the liver by balancing calcium and oxygen levels and boost your immune system, as they are rich in Vitamin C.

I have recently discovered Sea Buckthorn juice. These amazing berries are packed with omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 and vitamins C, E, K, B group and A. You need to add a drop of oil, preferably cold pressed flax or olive so all vitamins can be absorbed.


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