The Joy of Discipline

2014-11-18 06.09.27Discipline is often regarded as hard working and painful way of being. It doesn’t have to be that way. Changing the perspective can easily change the attitude towards the hardest and most enduring form of discipline. How can this be done? Well, first you need to find your passion. Doing something you like will alter everything including your perspective. The joy of working on something you really like has the potential to make you a master. Once you recognise what it is, cooking, gardening, writing, the list is long, you need to devise a discipline around it. The discipline will push you further and make your dreams come true. To begin you need to devote minimum 60 minutes a day of your time. Remember this is playful time, even if it seems hard or you don’t really have much energy for it to stat with. One little step will make you feel really good, as the accomplishment of this daily task will elevate you and bring you closer to your goal. I know that sometimes it is difficult to find an hour in the day. See that hour first, locate it in your daily routine, you may want to get up an hour earlier, devote your lunch time to it or do it before you go to bed. Something needs to give. You will see the results straight away and once you on your path, don’t break the routine, whatever the excuse.

Keep it to the same hour every day. Good luck!


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