Mini Fast

2014-11-24 20.33.48What’s for dinner? Yoga, long bath, early night, herbal tea, a nice walk, gym, dancing, running, tai-chi…

Give your body a break and skip an evening meal. Fasting doesn’t have to be long and hard. You can make it easy and fun. Skipping a dinner is not that difficult, it will give you a break and a chance for your organs to rest. Your stomach will be surprised and asking for food and you may feel a bit different than usual but I can assure you, the change will be very beneficial. What can you do instead? Do some exercises, go for a walk, get busy. Make sure that you don’t spend the evening watching television and circling around the fridge looking for snacks. Just tell your body that you are only allowed water. Have early lunch and stop eating at 2.30pm. On waking up the next day start your daily routine as usual. You may want to repeat your mini fast again. I’m going to fast every evening. However, do what you can, even one mini fast will bring some benefits to your body. You will sleep better and will have more energy. Remember to stay positive, it’s fun not to eat but you need to engage your body in other activities. Try it and let me know how you got on.

Happy fasting!


2 thoughts on “Mini Fast

  1. I would like to do this regularly too but I find skipping my evening meal stops me from going to sleep easily. Do you have any advice about that?


    1. Hi Hayley, the best way would be to eat a banana. However, I know that not eating in the evening gives you more energy as your body is not using it to digest the food. A calming herbal tea and banana should do the trick.


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