What have I done today to make a better world?

Heart stoneStart a day with an intention of achieving something beyond your daily routine or work. Ask yourself: How can I contribute today to make this world better? These are very powerful words demanding to make big things but this is not the case. Small offerings, acts and contributions can be very profound. Maybe you will be able to offer a smile to someone you know but have not been friendly with or even someone you don’t know. Look them in the eye and project unconditional love from your heart. You don’t have to know what you are going to achieve that day but be aware of the intention and the universe will give you plenty opportunities. Maybe your intention will be the fact to be open for the clues from the universe. Be aware what is happening around you. Look at he objects, situations and people who are passing you by. They are there to help you and give you the incentive to make the change. What are you going to do with it? Are you able to notice it, take it and use it in an appropriate way?

Of course you can. All you need to do is stop, look and act. There are so many things you could do. Clean your bedroom to create space, mediate to clear your head, go for a walk to connect with nature, eat healthy dinner to nourish your body or acknowledge your neighbour to connect with your community. The list is endless and only you know what will make you feel worth living. Enjoy your day!


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