Porridge Wonders

oats-in-heart-shape-001.jpgPorridge is one of the miracle foods on planet Earth. Simple, cheap and easy to make it’s packed with many nutrients aiding our body with health benefits. Normally I eat porridge in the winter but now I came back to it even in the summer. Porridge can be eaten in many ways and usually people prefer it sweet but I love it salty and savoury. I make my porridge with water and add spirulina, Himalayan salts, miso, spring onions and shitake mushrooms.

Porridge lowers cholesterol levels and is an excellent source of silica. As we age our bones and organs start to calcify and actually we die of calcification. Basically we lose the silica from our body and our bones become bristle, the joints dry and the skin winkles. Silica gives us elasticity and we are born with plenty of it but with time this vital mineral is lost causing the aging process. Oats are an excellent source of silica as 100g provides 590mg!


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