About Mila

Mila was born in Poland in 1962 when the country was still under the communist regime. However the food was whole and free of chemicals and pesticides. In her late teenage years she became fascinated with theatre and joined a political, physical theatre company, whose members were expressing their views on the current establishment through movement, gesture and music on stage. The company, “Bilk” was invited to United Kingdom to take part in a tour and participate in various festivals. That’s where Mila met her future husband, Paul and immigrated to his country in mid 20s’.
She continued her career in England teaching movement in drama schools and regional Colleges and later on set up her own company. She became a mother to two children but still continued to work as a teacher and theatre director. In UK Mila was introduced to fast and processed food, which she found distasting and unhealthy. She cooked for the whole family all meals from scratch and promoted healthy food to her children.
She became vegetarian in her early 30s’as she simply didn’t enjoy meat any more. Through her work as a movement teacher Mila was promoting healthy living encouraging her students to steer towards whole natural foods. She was even bringing them variety of home made smoothies and juices to taste her new recipes. She was always looking for a new way of eating but avoided diets as they were only a short fixes. She wanted to find a healthy living way and she was learning and exploring food as a medicine.
In early 40s’ Mila was introduced to a raw food diet, which revolutionised and transformed her life. She dived into eating only raw food and it took her three years to change her body, mind and spirit. It was also a personal journey where she found a seat of her life. She learnt about wild foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals, different kinds of foods and their origins and explored the edible side of nature.
Now Mila is still teaching theatre and has adopted and tailored her diet to the circumstances she is living in. She enjoys eating warm or hot food made from whole, organic ingredients. She practices yoga and meditation and promotes healthy living locally.
Recently she became vegan and vegetarian consultant.


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