Autumn Solstice – Time for Ritual

img_3354On the day of autumn equinox the veil between the physical and the spiritual is the thinnest and it’s the easiest time to connect with the forces of Nature. We constantly deal with changes in our lives, so the equinox time allows for reflection and communication with other realms, our Higher Self and Life’s Mysteries. Nature is the gateway to understanding the cycles of life and the occurring changes that happen to us.

The equinox occurs when the centre of the Sun is aligned with the Earth’s equator, thus the Earth is not tilted towards the Sun and the length of the night and day is almost equal. The word “solstice” comes from the Latin, “solstitium” meaning, “sun standing still”

This is the magical time calling for meditation or some kind of ritual. You can create your own celebration, possibly as close to the actual time (14.21GMT), at dusk or dawn, on waking up or prior to sleeping. You can choose the most convenient of these four time windows.

Upon making sure that you will be undisturbed, light the candle, preferably in the colours of the autumn, or gather leaves and lay them around the candle.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to reflect on the time of the last spring equinox, March 20 when the Earth was waking up to burst out with new life. Where were you at that time, what dreams did you have? What goals you wanted to achieve? What you were looking forward to?

Now look back at the summer and allow yourself to come to terms with any changes that occurred. Changes not necessary mean achievements, they are about the growth of your consciousness, about the expanding of your life on Earth. The coming autumn is signalising that Nature is becoming dormant thus celebrating the fruit of the summer. You are ready to let go now and rest. Cherish whatever you’ve achieved or whatever changes you went through and prepare for a new chapter in your life.

Contemplate on these changes and give thanks to your Guides and Angels. They will be with you in your next step.

Now take a pen and paper and write new ideas and habits, dreams and goals you would like to achieve until the next equinox in the spring. Let your imagination go and don’t censor anything. You might be surprised what comes out.


Porridge Wonders

oats-in-heart-shape-001.jpgPorridge is one of the miracle foods on planet Earth. Simple, cheap and easy to make it’s packed with many nutrients aiding our body with health benefits. Normally I eat porridge in the winter but now I came back to it even in the summer. Porridge can be eaten in many ways and usually people prefer it sweet but I love it salty and savoury. I make my porridge with water and add spirulina, Himalayan salts, miso, spring onions and shitake mushrooms.

Porridge lowers cholesterol levels and is an excellent source of silica. As we age our bones and organs start to calcify and actually we die of calcification. Basically we lose the silica from our body and our bones become bristle, the joints dry and the skin winkles. Silica gives us elasticity and we are born with plenty of it but with time this vital mineral is lost causing the aging process. Oats are an excellent source of silica as 100g provides 590mg!

Time for Action


Time for Action; as Mercury is not causing any troubles in the Sky we can truly start moving forward. Are you wondering why any of your New Years resolutions didn’t come about? The meetings went sour; your new plans fizzled out and you’ve lost enthusiasm to pursue your brand new ideas. Most of it is down to Mercury being in retrograde through most of January. Now this planet is on the go again with the full speed, it’s time for you to pick up your loose ends and start moving forward.

Remember it’s all about small changes, so go back to your plans and review them. Cut them into small chunks and then cut them into smaller chunks again. Little steps will get you further but make sure you actually make them every day.

What have I done today to make a better world?

Heart stoneStart a day with an intention of achieving something beyond your daily routine or work. Ask yourself: How can I contribute today to make this world better? These are very powerful words demanding to make big things but this is not the case. Small offerings, acts and contributions can be very profound. Maybe you will be able to offer a smile to someone you know but have not been friendly with or even someone you don’t know. Look them in the eye and project unconditional love from your heart. You don’t have to know what you are going to achieve that day but be aware of the intention and the universe will give you plenty opportunities. Maybe your intention will be the fact to be open for the clues from the universe. Be aware what is happening around you. Look at he objects, situations and people who are passing you by. They are there to help you and give you the incentive to make the change. What are you going to do with it? Are you able to notice it, take it and use it in an appropriate way?

Of course you can. All you need to do is stop, look and act. There are so many things you could do. Clean your bedroom to create space, mediate to clear your head, go for a walk to connect with nature, eat healthy dinner to nourish your body or acknowledge your neighbour to connect with your community. The list is endless and only you know what will make you feel worth living. Enjoy your day!

Mini Fast

2014-11-24 20.33.48What’s for dinner? Yoga, long bath, early night, herbal tea, a nice walk, gym, dancing, running, tai-chi…

Give your body a break and skip an evening meal. Fasting doesn’t have to be long and hard. You can make it easy and fun. Skipping a dinner is not that difficult, it will give you a break and a chance for your organs to rest. Your stomach will be surprised and asking for food and you may feel a bit different than usual but I can assure you, the change will be very beneficial. What can you do instead? Do some exercises, go for a walk, get busy. Make sure that you don’t spend the evening watching television and circling around the fridge looking for snacks. Just tell your body that you are only allowed water. Have early lunch and stop eating at 2.30pm. On waking up the next day start your daily routine as usual. You may want to repeat your mini fast again. I’m going to fast every evening. However, do what you can, even one mini fast will bring some benefits to your body. You will sleep better and will have more energy. Remember to stay positive, it’s fun not to eat but you need to engage your body in other activities. Try it and let me know how you got on.

Happy fasting!

The Joy of Discipline

2014-11-18 06.09.27Discipline is often regarded as hard working and painful way of being. It doesn’t have to be that way. Changing the perspective can easily change the attitude towards the hardest and most enduring form of discipline. How can this be done? Well, first you need to find your passion. Doing something you like will alter everything including your perspective. The joy of working on something you really like has the potential to make you a master. Once you recognise what it is, cooking, gardening, writing, the list is long, you need to devise a discipline around it. The discipline will push you further and make your dreams come true. To begin you need to devote minimum 60 minutes a day of your time. Remember this is playful time, even if it seems hard or you don’t really have much energy for it to stat with. One little step will make you feel really good, as the accomplishment of this daily task will elevate you and bring you closer to your goal. I know that sometimes it is difficult to find an hour in the day. See that hour first, locate it in your daily routine, you may want to get up an hour earlier, devote your lunch time to it or do it before you go to bed. Something needs to give. You will see the results straight away and once you on your path, don’t break the routine, whatever the excuse.

Keep it to the same hour every day. Good luck!

Make a Fresh Start

IMG_0998As autumn is fading away and winter is approaching fast consider this time to change something in your life. The season is changing and your body and soul also needs a change. This time of the year is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your development of your soul and the journey you have embarked on in this lifetime. Often we want to forget the world in the cold months and bury ourselves under the blankets in front of television or a computer. It’s time to rest, to hibernate but it is also a time of change, of shift, of a new beginning.

To change something often requires to give up something, to discard an old habit or a pattern. Make that change today.

This could be something very small, a little adjustment in your daily life. Maybe you decide to get up 30min earlier than usual and spend this time to meditate or prepare your lunch to take with you to work rather than buying food someone else prepared and packed in a plastic container.

What habits have you developed without even realising it? Examine your daily routine and look closer at the activities, which don’t serve you anymore.

 Change = giving up = free time and space

What are you going to do with this free time and space? Think about replacing it with something new and exiting. There are long evenings ahead of you. Take this opportunity and start something new, so you can develop it throughout the next four months. You might not know straight away what this new project could be but if you make room by shedding something old the ideas will come along. Remember it only take as little as 20-30min of your time every day to develop something significant. Yes, I know your day may be packed with activities already: work, cooking, shopping, visiting relatives…watching tv, surfing on the internet, complaining, texting, drinking and eating too much…the list is long. However only you can change it. It’s worth it.

I decided to get up an hour earlier. Well, it’s not that bad, I just didn’t change the clock in my bedroom, so I still get up according to the summer time. This way I have an extra hour every day before I go to work. Amazing. In the evening I simply go an hour earlier to bed, again according to the clock in my bedroom.