Autumn Solstice – Time for Ritual

img_3354On the day of autumn equinox the veil between the physical and the spiritual is the thinnest and it’s the easiest time to connect with the forces of Nature. We constantly deal with changes in our lives, so the equinox time allows for reflection and communication with other realms, our Higher Self and Life’s Mysteries. Nature is the gateway to understanding the cycles of life and the occurring changes that happen to us.

The equinox occurs when the centre of the Sun is aligned with the Earth’s equator, thus the Earth is not tilted towards the Sun and the length of the night and day is almost equal. The word “solstice” comes from the Latin, “solstitium” meaning, “sun standing still”

This is the magical time calling for meditation or some kind of ritual. You can create your own celebration, possibly as close to the actual time (14.21GMT), at dusk or dawn, on waking up or prior to sleeping. You can choose the most convenient of these four time windows.

Upon making sure that you will be undisturbed, light the candle, preferably in the colours of the autumn, or gather leaves and lay them around the candle.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to reflect on the time of the last spring equinox, March 20 when the Earth was waking up to burst out with new life. Where were you at that time, what dreams did you have? What goals you wanted to achieve? What you were looking forward to?

Now look back at the summer and allow yourself to come to terms with any changes that occurred. Changes not necessary mean achievements, they are about the growth of your consciousness, about the expanding of your life on Earth. The coming autumn is signalising that Nature is becoming dormant thus celebrating the fruit of the summer. You are ready to let go now and rest. Cherish whatever you’ve achieved or whatever changes you went through and prepare for a new chapter in your life.

Contemplate on these changes and give thanks to your Guides and Angels. They will be with you in your next step.

Now take a pen and paper and write new ideas and habits, dreams and goals you would like to achieve until the next equinox in the spring. Let your imagination go and don’t censor anything. You might be surprised what comes out.